Nice to meet you!

My name is Jenny and I'm the founder of Alchemist Candle Studio. Thank you for checking out my website! I hope my candles bring a bit of light, love, and luxury to your space.




It all started with a little self-care...


During quarantine in 2020, self-care became more important than ever for me and millions of others around the world. Baths, face masks, baking, wine, and, you guessed it, candles, became an essential part of my routine, and I quickly found myself completely and utterly obsessed with everything candle-related.

After searching high and low for a specifically unique scent profile that I simply could not find anywhere on the market, I thought to myself, "Why don't I just make one of my own?" That one small thought quickly snowballed, and I found myself spending hours upon hours researching the candle-making process. "What is fragrance oil?" and, "How do I combine scents?" coupled with "How to create candle votives?" and "What kind of wax is best for candle-making?" were some of the first searches I entered into Google - followed by many, many more.

This went on for nearly a year, and I am finally here ready to share with you the result of all that curiosity, patience, and experimentation that sparked from a little bit of self-care during some of the darkest times we've collectively experienced.

Alchemist Candle Studio is rooted in the simple pleasures of life. You may have noticed our logo - the dopamine molecule. Know by many as "the feel-good hormone", dopamine plays a key role in allowing us to feel joy. How fitting to bring together the science behind our emotions with the experimentation of candle-making, while tossing in a bit of creativity and fun along the way!

Our products are completely hand-crafted and hand-poured, from the concrete vessels that each candle is contained in, to each individual candle itself. Around 2 hours of love is poured into each candle listed in this shop; from mixing, pouring, sanding, and sealing each concrete vessel, to melting, blending, pouring, and curing each candle. Know that when you purchase one of these items, you are also purchasing several hours of love, dedication, and appreciation, from me to you!

I am so excited to welcome you to my shop! I hope you enjoy your time here and find something to brighten your day.