The fragrance of the season...

Crimson Honey emulates the warmth of the summer months while providing a cozy escape into sweetness. Notes of honey, nutmeg, and tobacco make this a one-of-a-kind fragrance experience sure to become a staple in your collection.


Welcome to Alchemist Candle Studio

Our products are completely hand-crafted and hand-poured, from the concrete vessels that each candle is contained in, to each individual candle itself. Around 2 hours of love is poured into each candle listed in this shop; from mixing, pouring, sanding, and sealing each concrete vessel, to melting, blending, pouring, and curing each candle. Know that when you purchase one of these items, you are also purchasing several hours of love, dedication, and appreciation, from me to you!

  • "This is my third candle from Alchemist Candle Studio and these candles literally have to be a staple in my life now! The quality is absolutely impeccable, and they give the most even burn I’ve ever experienced with a candle! Literally better and more even than my Voluspa candles. The scents are all absolutely stunning but the Santal is truly the best thing I’ve ever smelled!! 1000000000000/10, absolutely cannot recommend enough!"

    - Alexandra

    Santal | concrete candle 
  • "This is simple but it really makes a unique little spot to decorate. I got it to use with decorate candles but I will probably use it in a few ways. Thanks for a great item!"

    - Julia

    Concrete Tray 
  • "Wow, I love this candle! Everything came super quickly, really well packaged, and the quality of both the candle and the concrete holder are great. I knew I would love it as soon as I opened the box, which smelled so great! The scent is really unique, sophisticated, and sexy, not like any other candle I've ever had. I'll definitely be back for more candles when the fall scents are out!"

    - Rebecca

    Black Tea | concrete candle 
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